Become Our Ambassador :)

Excited about Petion and wish to introduce our revolutionary IronScoop™, Poopcorn™ and Petion Pet Product Wet Wipes to more furriends for a much easier "scooping" experience? Sign up to become our Petion Ambassador to spread the great stuffs! And of course, earn some decent commission along the way. ;)



- We have an in-house team to manage the whole process in a way that is easy and free for you. Monthly commission pay day is the first Monday of the next month. For example, the pay day for the month of August 2019 is September 2, 2019.

- All you need to do is sign up below as our Petion Ambassador and become part of our Petion Ambassador Affiliate Marketing Program. You will then be assigned a Unique Discount Code (typically a 15% off discount code). Add this unique code to your website, social media profile (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc.) or newsletter, so that your audience can use this specific code to enjoy the 15%-off discount. And you will earn the commission for every order from your audience.

- We pay a 10% starting commission rate. Higher volume affiliates may be eligible for a higher commission subject to mutual agreement.

- Average order size is $39, which implies a $3.9 commission per order.

- You will also be given your exclusive Lifetime Discount Code (typically 20% off) for all our products so that you can get 20% off for every order with this code if you want to purchase Petion's products. Unlimited usage. ;)


We look forward to your joining our Petion's family!