• A Glimpse of Our Purrfection

    we are simply much better

  • The Scooping Revolution

    patent-pending design especially fur you

    Holes on Every Side

    Extremely fast Sifting.

    Great save of cat Litters.

    Optimal Width of Holes

    Handle the solid wastes,

    and the small pieces perfectly.

    100% Stainless Steel

    Solidly durable.

    Easy to clean.

    Ergonomic Handle

    Firm grip of your "weapon".

    A pleasant scooping experience.

    Sharp Edge

    Remove any sticky clots easily.

    No more sticking trouble!

  • A Gift Especially Fur You

    we think of every detail fur you

    What's in the box?

    not only a litter scoop

    Metal Hanger

    to hang the IronScoop after use

    Reusable Container

    to store your cat treats or toys

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